Log Home Restoration in Derry NH, Rockingham County

Author: Jason Thibodeau / New Hampshire Division

log-home-restoration-derry-nh-01Two years ago Total Deck Care was contacted by Steve and his wife Karen to restore and refinish his log home in Rockingham County, Derry NH. As part of our service we do a full chinking on the log home to make the home as air tight as possible. Total Deck Care was able to provide a chinking material that is designed to expand and contract with the logs so that the material will not crack or pull away from the log surface like most other products. Steve was also having a problem with the stain previously applied to the log surface as it was flaking and peeling away from the logs. A film forming finish will do just that and once the product begins to peel away, the logs are left with no protection. Total Deck Care was able to completely strip the product down to bare wood, and preserve the logs with a penetrating stain that will not flake or peel. We are happy to see our customers homes are still protected and the chinking material has been doing its job!

"Dear Jason,
Prior to your refinishing the outside of my log home, on a windy, low-temp winter day there was no room that I could stay in that felt warm and draft free.

log-home-restoration-derry-nh-02The last two winters (after your work) have been just the opposite. Now I can go into any draft free room and be comfortable. That change comes with a positive financial benefit. Our average winter oil consumption has dropped by an average of 1.25 gallons per day. That translates to about $150.00 per month during the winter heating season. That's an interesting benefit which is also confirmed by my testing the inside wall temperatures with a Raytek MiniTemp."
Best regards.
Steve Nottonson


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